Welcome to Ros Altmann's website. A leading authority on all aspects of pensions, from investment strategy to company pensions, state pension policy, retirement and annuities, she is also famous as a champion for the rights of pensioners, having spearheaded a multi-year campaign to force Government to restore lost pensions to 140,000 victims of the company pensions scandal. Read her professional profile »

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Pensions Policy and Reform - Retirement, Savings and Annuities

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Long-term Care - Crisis and Reform

Ros focuses on the looming crisis in social care and need for urgent reforms View »

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Economic Policy and Credit Crisis

Ros gives policy proposals for dealing with economic and credit crisis, warns of inflation dangers and low interest rates. View »

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Campaign for
Pensions Justice

Ros forced the Government to pay 140,000 people whose pensions were confiscated by law, despite Government assurances of safety. Read the history of appeals to Parliamentary Ombudsman, High Court and Court of Appeal which the Government lost each time. View »

Pension Fund Asset Allocation and Institutional Investment

Ros' views on helping pension funds modernise their investment approach, Liability Driven Investing and use of alternative assets. View »

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