Empty Words Will Not Deliver Decent Care Funding Is Vital Missing Piece Of The Puzzle

by Dr. Ros Altmann

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Dr Ros Altmann, Director-General of Saga, the largest provider of home care services in the UK, comments on the Government's failure to commit to funding a cap on care costs for individuals as part of its Care and Support White Paper due this week:

"Empty words will not deliver care. Funding is the crucial missing piece of the care puzzle and the longer the system is left as it is the more families will suffer. It's not acceptable to use the fiscal deficit as an excuse.

"With an ageing population, the state obviously has to spend more on care. The only choice is whether to spend more in a planned way, by making reforms that increase social care provision, or to spend in an unplanned way, when more end up in hospital - at exorbitant cost - just because their care needs were not addressed earlier. This would be a lose-lose situation with people being worse off, NHS resources being overloaded and people falling into a more expensive care system.

"A fairer partnership between state and private funding would encourage more money to be set aside for care. People accept they must pay something, but should not face losing everything.

"If this week's announcement doesn't reform funding, it will fail to address the crisis. No more delays and consultations, we need action. It is time for brave leadership to ensure a better later life for us and our loved ones. A civilised society should expect no less."

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