The Sun Business Personality of the Year Award 2007: Ros Altmann

by Dr. Ros Altmann

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And now the big one. BUSINESS PERSONALITY OF THE YEAR, which has previously gone to big names like former Vodafone chief executive Sir Christopher Gent and former DEBENHAMS chief Belinda Earl.

This year we’re not going for a business leader but someone who led a campaign.

Ros Altmann fought tirelessly for years demanding better rights for the 125,000 people whose pensions were wiped out when their employers went bust.

She rightly argued that, having told them their long-term savings would be safe, the Government had a moral duty to look after these people financially.

For years, Gordon Brown and his successor Alistair Darling disagreed, despite being told to pay up by the courts and the parliamentary ombudsman. But Ros ploughed on and just before Christmas the Government finally paid up.

Thousands of families can now look forward to a better 2008 thanks to her efforts. She is a worthy winner.

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      Dr. Ros Altmann

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